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Contract Embroidery
Contract Embroidery


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Our Vision:

AzCa challenges everything to make our customers look AWESOME! We craft quality goods by making open and honest partner collaboration a priority and taking pride in our highest rated on time delivery available in the industry. We are craftsmen that care!

How We Achieve This:

Our embroidery machines are made by the Tajima Corporation. With accuracy to .001mm, you know that every stitch of your embroidered logo will be the same, every time.

We use Robison-Anton Super Brite Polyester thread. This is the market’s leading thread with super bright shine, high tensile strength, and bleach resistance.

We have in-house digitizers that create outstanding embroidery files. Because we have in-house digitizing, we can make changes to logos on-the-fly to improve the quality of the finished product.

Our production lines are efficient, which is why we have the highest rated on-time delivery in the industry. However, that doesn’t mean that we just whip though an order to get it done. We check our orders against packing slips and purchase orders, to ensure the items that we received are correct. We inspect each garment before we embellish it, looking for imperfections or defects and alert the customer to any potential problems. We won’t catch everything, but we have saved our clients thousands of dollars and countless hours by finding mistakes BEFORE we embellish.

We have an online portal and ordering system that is not like any other in the contract apparel decorating industry. This allows for more transparency, more accurary and faster turnaround times!

Send us your next order, and you will see the difference between AzCa and everyone else.

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